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Creating vinyl record - Illustrator Tutorials For Beginners

creating a vinyl record or usually referred to as vinyl,  I will be making this picture along with cover,  using only circles and i...

Vector Portraits Tutorials - Lovely Couple - Illustrator Tutorials

vector is simple , you do not need to be complicated to create vector , there are many types of vector , but , here is a vector vector simple , and very easy for you to try...

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Cara Membuat Logo badge Sport Eagle menggunakan Adobe Illustrator

Membuat Logo seperti ini sedikit susah jika untuk pemula, setidaknya anda harus sudah menguasai sketsa gambar manual menggunakan pensil, selanjutnya silahkan anda tracing menggunakan illustrator, itu cukup untuk mempermudah anda membuat logo seperti ini.
atau anda bisa menggambar langsung menggunakan adobe illustrator seperti ini. tapi seperti yang saya katakan tadi, anda harus sudah menguasai sofwtware tersebut.
jika anda kesulitan didalam membuat logo seperti ini, anda bisa melihat bagaimana saya membuat logo ini, silahkan tonton video saya dibawah ini:

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Lettering Typography | Illustrator Tutorial

Membuat sebuah typography ini adalah sebuah seni yang sedikit gampang-gampang susah, 
anda bisa membuatnya menggunakan font, atau bisa juga membuat sket manual dengan menggunakan alat tulis seperti pensil gambar, atau pen. Jika anda kesulitan untuk membuat sket diawal, anda bisa menggunakan font saja dan memodifikasi font tersebut menjadi sebuah bentuk typography yang sangat unik.
Disini saya akan menggunakan sebuah kata yang sudah saya sket bentuk huruf atau tulisan tersebut, saya hanya tinggal mentracing gambar tersebut, anda bisa melihat bagaimana saya melakukan hal tersebut pada video tutorial saya dibawah ini:

Monday, January 9, 2017

Cara Membuat Icon Dengan Style MBE menggunakan Adobe Illustrator

Cara Membuat icon dengan Style MBE ini sangatlah mudah,
kamu tidak perlu kesulitan dalam membuat gal semacam ini dan untuk pemula anda cukup menggunakan bentuk lingkaran dan sekaligus warna gradient seperti pada gambar.
Ini sama seperti membuat icon biasanya, hanya saja kita menambahkan bentuk bulat seperti mata dan mulut layaknya boneka, tapi ini tidaklah membuat sesuatu yang susah.

Untuk mengetahui bagaimana proses pembuatan MBE style ini, silahkan kamu tonton video tutorial saya dibawah ini dengan penuh seksama.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

How to create fox logo | illustrator tutorial

If you have difficulty in making a logo, you should be able to use the original image for guidance, this applies to beginners, let alone for your weak ideas are brilliant. 
Now I will make a logo fox by using the original image of an the animal. 
simply use Pentool in your toolbox and then follow the steps which I am doing as below.

How to create smoke vector | adobe illustrator

make smoke, using adobe illustrator, 
Now you can see how I make smoke with a few steps, it is a little difficult if you are a beginner, 
but it is not an obstacle to keep trying. 
watch my video below to see step by step ,

Pizza logo tutorial | Adobe Illustrator

if you ever eat pizza, you must already know the shape of a pizza. I would make a pizza using adobe illustrator to cuts or triangular shape, it is easy if you follow the step by step carefully. 
If you are a beginner, try not to stop learning. 
Please watch the video tutorial below pizza.

Blending Tutorial | Adobe Illustrator

made using Adobe Illustrator blending modes, simply select the blending tool in the toolbox. 
and follow the step by step to make blending, as I do this.
please watch Now video tutorial in below.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Graphic Design | Creating Text Effect Strawberry | Illustrator Tutorial

Make text with style pieces, 
I'll use strawberries to implement into the text. 
This may be a little difficult if you are a beginner, but it is never too late to learn. you will follow a tutorial in my video below, and the longer you study, the more big to make it.

How to make the letter P Logo

In this tutorial I will create a logo, 
logo in the form of the letter P. If you have a brand, initials of names beginning with the letter P, this may be a suitable logo for you to use (just a suggestion). 
Please watch my video below this tutorial to see how to make the letter P Logo.

How to use the mesh tool | Illustrator Tutorial

How did you feel when viewed chili? definitely spicy. 
in this tutorial I will create an image of chilli, using a mesh tool in Adobe Illustrator. 
please watch my video below to see clearly how to use the mesh tool.

Graphic Design | How To create Bang Bang Comic Background

Reading comic is something fun, but what if we make the comic itself? 
Well, this time I'll make a tutorial how to make a comic themed pop art, 
you just make a color comic are bright, and some touches of pop art in the comic. 
please watch my video tutorial below.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

how to make a pencil with a rubber shape

I'll give you a tutorial how to make a pencil drawings were rubbery. 
I use adobe illustrator cc2015 as software to make, the first step I would do is make the pencil shape by means of a separate, 
1. the top of the pencil 
2. middle, and 
3. the bottom pencil

After all the images that have been made, I will make in the form of a 'brush'. 
This is the last stage in the manufacture of the pencil, and after the brush is made, please use the brush into any shape you desire. 
please watch my video below to see the full tutorial.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Graphic Design | Text Effect Typography Style | break the rules | Illustrator Tutorial

Perhaps you have trouble making a typography, especially if you are a beginner who has never made anything like this, but you do not have to painstakingly, what if utilizing the fonts in adobe illustrator software. only slightly changed the layout and shape of the font,
you can already make a very stunning typography. 
Ok, please watch my video below to see exactly how I make it work like that. If you want a Font,
you can download it at the link below:

Graphic Design | Creating Waffer Background | illustrator tutorial

If you ever ate the waffer,
surely you've seen the form. but this time I'm not going to make food, 
I will make a tutorial, waffer-shaped 
you can see and follow the step by step tutorial of this. 
Please see my video below.

Graphic Design | Text Effect Paper Cut | Illustrator Tutorials

This is a tutorial on how to create text such as pieces of paper, 
if you ever cut shaped paper text or more. This is the way in digital form. 
Please watch my video tutorials below.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Graphic Design | Creating Social media pattern | Illustrator Tutorials

to create the same background, it is not difficult, you just stay 
create a pattern first beginning work. 
how to make a pattern? 
ok, please watch my video below, 
also features a download link icon, and pattern.


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Graphic Design | Creating Polygonal Origami | Illustrator Tutorial

This is how to make origami vector, this paper does not use 
behold, these are the illustrations using adobe illustrator, 
you can imitate to make it as in my video below, it will not be difficult for you if you're always trying and learning to make that you have never created, 
if you trouble in the making, you can comment below.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Template Kalender 2017 RETRO lengkap Hijriah dan Jawa - Download Gratis

Mohon Dibaca Baik Baik :

Template kalender 2017 Retro ini dikompresi dalam  Bentuk ZIP Beserta Font yang digunakan

Format File Didalam adalah: Ai, .Eps, PDF dan PNG
Dilengkapi dengan text yang sudah di convert.
Warna Dapat dirubah sesuai selera anda

Perlu diperhatikan:

Template Kalender 2017 ini sudah dilengkapi dengan kalender hijriyah dan kalender Jawa.
File ini sudah siap untuk dicetak warna dalam mode CMYK, tapi lebih baik dikoreksi dulu sebelum naik cetak. untuk menghindari kesalahan dalam cetakan.
Anda disarankan untuk menggunakan Adobe Illustrator cc.2015 untuk membuka file ini.
agar tidak ada text atau posisi yang berantakan.

Jika anda menginginkan Template Kalender 2017 ini, silahkan download pada Link Dibawah ini


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Logo Inspiration | Creating Suzzan [SZ] Logo

You can create your own logo like this if your name is Suzzan, 
I will teach you how to create a logo from a form into a box and the initials letters that became the icon of your logo. This is easy if you always pay attention on every detail of this work. 

  • OK, for the first step you can make the box using the rectangle tool in the toolbox adobe illustrator you. Then duplicate the box 4 box. and duplicate back 4 the box down, up to the total of all box is a 12 box.

  • then please create a triangle on the right and left on both sides of the box. but with the opposite triangle shape, change the color red on the box to distinguish colors with triangles after that make all boxes into one using Unite on pathfinder.

then, you can watch my video below, clearly, 
happy work.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Creating vinyl record - Illustrator Tutorials For Beginners

creating a vinyl record or usually referred to as vinyl, 
I will be making this picture along with cover, 
using only circles and in the copy paste, you can already make a picture vinyl record, 
please watch the video below.

How to Create Radio - Illustrator Tutorials

Create an image of the radio by using the help of other images, 
I will make with the colors and shapes are slightly different from the original. 
you'll see this on the video tutorial I. 
Please watch the video tutorial below

Create Bicycle - Illustrator Tutorials

in this tutorial I am going to make a picture of a bicycle-shaped flat, 
I will use the rectangle tool in adobe illustrator. 
Please watch the video below to see this tutorial to the fullest.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

How To Create Poster - Illustrator Tutorials

how to make a poster? 
make posters is very easy, especially for a poster like that I made it this time. 
This is an example of the tutorial poster for you beginners, 
perhaps a little trouble on the clipping mask, but if you do like the example in the video, you'll very easy to make, do not waste your time to follow this tutorial. 
have you watched my video tutorial below.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How to make Realistic Potato Stick - Illustrator Tutorials For Beginners

This is how to create an image of potato sticks using adobe illustrator, 
I will play on pattern brush to make it easier to make. 
please watch my video tutorial below, 
if there is trouble you can directly comment in the comments field below.

How to Draw Baby Dragon - Illustrator Tutorials

This is a tutorial how to make a baby dragon using
basic image that has been previously drawn in paper, 
if you want to follow this tutorial, you can get a baby dragon sketch on the link below. 
please watch video me to see clearly this tutorial.