Monday, October 31, 2016

In this tutorial I will give you how to make a pumpkin image icon.
You would already know about pumpkin, one of the characters is on halloween. 
you can use the circle tool in adobe illustrator. 
Please watch the video below for the detail tutorial. 
you can also download eps file him under it.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Create 3d text is indeed very difficult, especially for you 
beginners, but if you keep trying it will become easier. 
you can simply use the software adobe illustrator. 
here are already equipped with 3d features. 
for you beginners please watch the video below.

Create a digital number, 
I'll make tallycounter using adobe illustrator cc2015, 
it's like icon, just that it is shaped much like 3d. 
for you beginners can directly watch the video below. 
do not need to use a pen tablet, simply use the mouse on your computer.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

many people ask to me 
please create tutorial create a namecard,  it's easy and simple. 
Here I'll give you a little tutorial make a name card with a simple way, of course, easy for novices. 
Please watch the video below.


make a picture icon burger by using the rectangle tool in the toolbox adobe illustrator, 
can you make your burger size, 
please watch the video tutorial below. 
If you are a beginner, and less understood, you can ask questions in the comments field below.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

If you never played the game, you certainly know what is a function of the game boy,
this is a game that can take them where where, 
here I would make a very simple game icon, please watch the video below for more details. you simply use the rectangle tool in the toolbox of your adobe illustrator.


How to make a picture icon? 
here I would give tutorial how to create image icon beer,  please click the rectangle on your adobe illustrator toolbox menu, and then apply it on the worksheet you.
can you make the color of the beer to taste you. 
Please watch the video below for more details.


Monday, October 24, 2016

Adobe illustrator 2015, cc 
I will be back using the pentool and rectangle tool to make a picture of this cake,
very easy to make, especially for you who 
already proficient adobe illustrator, you can make it a gradual, step by step, 
please watch the video below, if you are a beginner and not very understand,
you can ask in the comments field below.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

In this tutorial I will make pictures camera with text on it selfie. 
I will use the photo camera, as a guide to drawing.
You can get a photo camera on the download link below. 
Please watch the video below.


EPS File


If you've seen the glass, display 
with transparent, here I will give you a tutorial how to make glass with transparent, you just play the opacity on adobe illustrator, 
please watch the video below as well.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I will be back here discussing about isometric, 
but this time I will not use the axonometric grid, I would use the box to make it. 
or by using the polygon tool that already provided on adobe illustrator toolbox. 
you can see how I made it. This is an easier way than with the way yesterday. 
you can also download the eps file on the download link below.

1. Make a polygon using the polygon tool.

2. Duplicate polygon and then select all and cut using the pathfinder (click Divide).

Use the pentool for making midline in the polygon,
and then select the box and cut back use the divide on pathfinder.

3. Give the color of each side of the box with the different colors. 
use Eyedropper for color copying

4. Duplicate box by using the ALT (hold down the ' Alt ' and slide laterally mouse) so. 
align the angle between each box with one another.

5. Finish

Watch Video


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How beautiful a bath in the pool, 
but what if the pool was made from a mobile which contained water for showering. 
but, this is just an illustration, you need not think of her so deep, this is a picture that is created using the software adobe illustrator. 
If you are curious how to make it, you can watch the video below with good and true. 
from the start I made a box and so on. 
you can also download eps files of her below.


create an image of the diamond it is easy, you just use the form 
box and please play the box towards 45 degrees. 
and for next steps please see the video below.

Please Download Eps File:

Saturday, October 8, 2016

in this tutorial I will make pictures of fruit, 
a very cool color, and is certainly very entertaining. 
I'm going to draw a citrus fruit, apple, watermelon, it, and some of the leaves.
and I will create a surrounding circle. 
you can watch the video below to find out how I make it. 
or Ai files you want him, you can download below.


make a picture like this using adobe illustrator cc 2015 is indeed very easy. 
let alone if we always try to make your design like this. 
Please watch the following video properly, then you will be easy to make it. 
it is also possible to download the eps file him under it.


Thursday, October 6, 2016

from the letter ' E ' can you make this logo. 
but this time I will not use the font ' E ' because I am going to use the rectangle tool in the toolbox adobe illustrator CC 2015, 
I just make the box into multiple boxes, soon to merge into one, me 
please watch the video below to see how I am doing so. 
you can download his eps file below.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

There are Gas shedding tears that make your eyes very poignant, 
so you have to use a helmet anti gas,
so you avoid the torrent of gas that makes you feel very poignant, 
but this is just a picture icon, so you can't wear them,
please follow the how to make a gas mask the following,


I came back to make the icon a bag to place drugs, 
for the process is the same as in the previous tutorials, just here I will change
the shape and color, smaller. 
just by using the rectangle tool, and a little touch of the roundcorner on Ai, 
please watch the video below, for more details. 
If you want to have an eps file, you can directly download below.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

in this tutorial I am going to make a picture icon backpack, which we use when traveling, I'll be back using the rectangle tool, and this purely from adobe illustrator, not the additional tool on its own. 

to colour the images you can choose yourself what you want, here I will use a bright orange color, and a little touch of dark color, to make the picture look good. 
Please watch video here or, if you want an eps file, you can download it at the link below.



Monday, October 3, 2016

Create 3D images not thing to use 3D software you simply use the. 
adobe illustrator cc, here I will give an example of how to use the perspective Grid in adobe illustrator cc, this is pretty simple especially for beginners. 
Please watch a video here.

Creating vector portraits is very easy to the already proficient. 
but, for beginners it is so hard to make it, but if you have an earnest intentions and want to be better, surely it'll be perfect. 
here I'll give you a little simple ways to create vector portraits, in an easy way and a slow speed. Please watch the video below. get your skintone colornya below. If you want to file the Ai/eps please you get below as well.




This is how to make ice cream icon in a way that's very easy, especially for beginners. 
you can use rectangle on the toolbox which is already provided on the adobe illustrator cc 2015. 
Please follow step by step. ranging from creating an outline to give the color and the light. 
Please watch the video below. 
you can download resources files for your learning at home.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

This is my personal logo, 
simply by using the polygon tool in adobe illustrator 
can you make a very simple logo, 
you don't need hard to make manual using a pencil. Please try it yourself.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

just entertainment purposes only
and please download Software For Android